GAUSS Magnetic Field Circulator


Helps to manage blood circulation

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Devices that help manage blood circulation using magnetic fields/Magnetic Circulator (Magnetic field circulator)
    • Smoothes the flow of the lymph to calm the edema and let it pass through the meridian.
    • It relieves muscle tension, and removes acidic toxic substances from the body.
    • Magnetic fields expand blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation to improve edema and sculpts body shape.
    • Promoting Metabolism.
    • Increase blood circulation. (improves dark circles)
    • Toxin release through lymphatic drainage.
    • Fat Reduction.
    • Simple, safe, and effective.
Product Info
  • Using 2~4 Gauss magnetic field most similar to the human body, penetrates deeply and stimulates nerve tissue and muscular tissue directly to activate the cell, helps with pain relief and blood circulation.
  • It stimulates the nerve system safely and easily without interfering with bone within a range that does not harm human body.
  • There is no skin damage due to electrodes.
  • It is possible to penetrate into the deep part of human body, so deep stimulation is possible.
  • It is possible to do the procedure while wearing clothes.
  • Just as a magnet has a magnetic field, the human body has a magnetic field. The unit of the magnetic field is called the gauss. Normally, the magnetic field strength of the human body is 2 to 4. When the magnet’s gauss transfers to human body, it is very helpful in many ways.
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